Music producer and musician, Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus, has said Lord Kenya has done nothing wrong in helping rapper Okomfour Kwadee.

The musician-turned-pastor has pledged to take care of his sick brother, Kwadee by getting him checked into a rehabilitation centre where he was quickly recovering from his sickness.

But, his family has issued a caution to the pastor to refrain from helping him otherwise he would face the law.


Okomfo Kwadee’s family has asked Lord Kenya to desist from his hospitable act if he doesn’t want to be embarrassed publicly.

Appietus, surprised by the family’s directive, has asked what benefits it will be to the them if Lord Kenya backed off with his kind gesture.

What wrong has he done? He took them to professionals. He is not a doctor or nurse. If you cannot praise him why do you threaten to sue him, he asked.

I think some family issues are too hard to understand. So we should wait till Kwadee dies? If they want money they should say it. They want him to die first so they can gain from donations? Lord Kenya is really doing the work of God, Appietus said.