Ghanaian entrepreneur domiciled in the United Kingdom (UK), Linda Takyi Mensah, alias Odeneho T’Mens, has recounted the bitter betrayal she was subjected to after befriending her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Linda, who hails from Antoa in the Ashanti Region, travelled to London in 2002 where she had been living till she tied the knot shortly after.

Detailing her life overseas, she told Emelia Brobbey during the ‘Okukuseku’ show on Adom TV that everything was rosy until she made the grave mistake of befriending a woman who happened to be her husband’s ex.

According to her, there was no bad blood between the said ex and her husband so she pursued the friendship till the later, and even invited her to stay in their matrimonial home after she was stranded in the UK.

Contrary to suspicion from many that she would snatch her husband in a form of seduction, T’Mens revealed she did not, but rather set up a plot to ruin her marriage.

T’Mens narrated how the ex-girlfriend paid a man to approach her through email in a bid to make her commit adultery which will also be filmed.

However, she said it backfired when the gentleman planted into her life picked a special interest in her and confessed.

The situation, T’Mens revealed almost cost her marriage, for which she had to send the ex-girlfriend packing.

She used the opportunity to advice travelers to be cautious of whom they welcome into their homes, whether strangers or persons they are familiar with.