Budding musician Feli Nunu has revealed she has had her fair share of betrayal which has shaped her outlook of life.

The singer, sharing her story on Adom TV‘s Okukuseku, intimated that she lost her friendship with a “white man” at the hands of her female dancer who badmouthed her.

According to her, the said crew member was more or less like a sister and had access to her family and personal space.

It is for this reason she said she thought it wise to introduce her to some friends to broaden her scope and present her with other opportunities.

However, Feli narrated that her kind deed was paid with betrayal when the female dancer badmouthed her and cooked up lies to her white man.

“I noticed the white man was giving me attitude but I didn’t know why. Apparently at that time he had bought her a phone and promised her some trips. I addressed the issue and I realised she had said negative stuff about me which were mostly lies. It was very hurtful.”

According to her, after addressing the issue, the said dancer began treating her with disrespect, which made her create boundary between herself and the two.

The experience, she said, has made her guarded, adding that her current crew members do not have direct access to her.