“Be fearful of some humans” is the word of advice United Kingdom-based gospel musician, Madam Albertha, has for her fans as she recounts how she was betrayed by the man who vowed to be her protector.

Known by the moniker Albi, the musician narrated how her husband of 19 years made her a laughing stock by impregnating another woman while they were still married.

Narrating the genesis, she told host Emelia Brobbey during the Okukuseku show on Adom TV that she never suspected or even bore the thought that her husband could be unfaithful as he was a head pastor of a church they had founded.

According to her, their church flourished so much that they made preparations towards building a second branch, a decision that later turned out to be ruinous.

She detailed that her husband sought permission to stay close to the construction site while she heads the mother church in his absence.

A week turned into two months, six more months passed, then a year of not setting eyes on her husband and father-of-two, this she said caused her sleepless nights.

The much sought answer to his ‘disappearance’ became clear when she phoned one of the junior pastors working with her husband, who spilled the tea that the branch he was building was actually a family he was raising with another wife.

Madam Albertha said she gathered courage to confront her husband, but rather than give an explanation he hanged up on her and that was the beginning of their separation.

After three more years of not hearing from her husband, the gospel musician said the church was dissolved and she began divorce proceedings.

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