A UK-based Ghanaian woman, identified as Adjo Pokuaa, has reached the conclusion that some humans are the next evil things after the devil following a betrayal she is yet to get over.

The ‘borga’, who arrived in the Queen’s land when she was just 19 years of age, said she made lots of mistakes due to her immaturity, and one of such is the man she fell in love with.

Shortly after she settled in Hackney, London, Pokuaa said she met the gentleman who swept her off his feet, and she was so blinded by love that she accepted anyone close to him, including his son, sisters and a non-relative he introduced as a friend.

She revealed to host Emelia Brobbey during Adom TV’s Okukuseku show that her husband was so attached to the elderly woman such that she paid constant visit to them in their Hackney home.

“He introduced the woman to me as his friend when I was his girlfriend at age 19. She sometimes stays in my house, cooks for me, I do her hair, I sometimes even drop her off home when it gets late and so does my husband.”

According to her, she took the woman as her auntie and she was her confidant and guardian who took care of her when she birthed all three of her children.

However, beyond that care was a secret she was hiding – the said auntie was sleeping with Pokuaa’s husband on her blind side.

“She deliberately keeps long at my house and asks my husband to drop her home. Apparently, anytime she does that it’s because her husband is on night shift and things were going on with my husband for a long time. I was open minded as saw her as my auntie when she was actually his mistress,” she recounted.

According to Pokuaa, she began suspecting when the said ‘auntie’ stopped calling their landline and called her husband directly late at night, constantly.

Per her deductions, coupled with other unpleasant things that unraveled, Pokuaa concluded that her husband was having extra marital affairs with the auntie.

When all appeals to her husband fell on his deaf ears, she said she left the marriage for the sake of her mental health.