Bullet and Wendy Shay

Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay, has reminisced on her early days in the label as she eulogises her boss, Bullet.

She sent an emotional thank you message to Bullet for believing in her brand even when key industry players discouraged him in signing her on.

According to Wendy, who was once a German-based nurse, her venture into the music career was hanging on a thin line as critics filled Bullet’s head with talks on how she will not succeed.

However, he still stood to his grounds and groomed her to become one of the best female musicians in Ghana, a multiple award-winner for that matter.

For this, the Shayning Star, as she calls herself, is eternally grateful to Bullet as she prays for God’s blessings and grace to manifest in his life.

Wendy Shay believes his input in her craft earns him the tag as the best manager in Ghana.

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