‘Crazy’ Ebony could not hide her excitement after her trending ‘Maame Hwe’ video just hit over one million views on the world’s largest video-sharing website, YouTube.
Currently trending in second place on YouTube, elated Ebony Reigns took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to announce to her fans about the exceptional performance of her ‘Maame Hwe’ video.
Maame Hwe, a new effort of the 2017 Bonyfied debut, is Ebony’s way of bringing back discussions about her ‘uprightness’ into focus, intimidation and abuse – that have been kept rootless in the loins and sorry palms of a society at war with itself over what stand to take against women.
Away from repeated, boring lines of gender-driven advocacy, Maame Hwe is also not the everyday ‘Kofi ne Ama’ muddled social media lines of who is best at catcalling; it is a reminder and call to action that readily exposes the schism that exists thereof, and for all to join the fight against any form of abuse.
The Hustle hit maker who couldn’t hide her excitement in the video posted on her twitter handle, “Oh my goodness, such a beautiful way to start my 25th which is Christmas, Oh my God, check the score, board numbers don’t lie and ‘Maame Hwe’ is 1 million in one week”.
Maame Hwe is a significant push for her young career and a huge vote of confidence in what she calls a trade.
By the first quarter of 2018, she will dominate conversations around major award shows.
Bullet, her manager says she has been a blessing to a growing music industry.
He said, “She has been a blessing to the many young females, looking for that single opportunity to show what they can do. It is always okay to skip school to pursue that desire. Ebony has shown the way.”
Ebony expressed her appreciation to her fans adding that the views was the best Christmas gift she has ever received.