Veteran Nollywood actor Zack Orji, who recently underwent medical evaluation in the UK after two brain surgeries, has vehemently refuted rumors circulating about his demise.

In an interview on Nigeria’s Channels Television, Zack Orji dismissed the rumors as baseless falsehoods.

He described the rumors as originating from the “pit of hell,” stating that he was shocked upon discovering them.

The actor noted that the misinformation caused distress among his family acquaintances and contacts.

He said he received an influx of concerned calls from individuals, including those he hadn’t been in touch with for years, seeking clarification on the matter.

The actor attributed the prevalence of such rumors to the recklessness often exhibited on social media platforms.

He lamented how some individuals exploit fake news to gain traction and increase their online presence.

Zack Orji’s reassure his fans and well-wishers of his continued well-being and resilience despite health challenges.