File photo: An accident

A report from the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has revealed the roads across Ghana as the most dangerous place for Ghanaians to be.

The report broadly categorized public safety issues into ten categories – crime, violent crime, fires-related incidents (industrial or workplace), transportation-related incidents, civil disturbances and police officer casualties.

Others captured were police brutalities, police arrests, natural disasters and general incidents.


In the report dubbed Ghana Public Safety and Crime Report (BPS Watch) 2019, transportation-related incidents accounted for the majority of deaths and injuries recorded in Ghana.

The report which focused on data from January 1 to December 31, 2019 also revealed that over 900 casualties were recorded in 2019, representing 45% of all casualties.

It also took into consideration the casualties that occurred under each case by recording injuries and deaths where they arose including weekends and public holidays.

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