Local residents of Rivers State, Nigeria have arrested three young men for possessing calabashes with human parts.

The suspects, believed to be between the ages of 18 and 22, caught the attention of residents for walking bare-chested while carrying two calabashes and a gallon of water.

It is unclear how they were exposed, but videos shared on social media captured the moment they were made to uncover the calabash.

It was discovered there were human remains and blood wrapped in a white cloth inside the calabash.

It was believed that they were taking the blood and human parts to a native doctor for ritual purposes.

Residents, who gathered around, paraded the young men in the community while carrying the sacrifices.

The issue of ritual killing has become pertinent in the said area; three other men were arrested last month for suspected ritual killings.

Two more were also arrested for exhuming corpses and making away with the skull of two bodies.