The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Tema West, lawyer James Enu, and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate, Dennis Amfo Sefah, also known as Nana Boakye, have clashed on live radio.

The two appeared on the first edition of Adom 106.3 FM’s The Big Debate segment on the station’s award-winning morning show, Dwaso Nsem on Friday.

It was a battle of words, promises, and accusations as each candidate vied for the trust and votes of the constituents.

Nana Boakye, representing the NPP, kicked off by touting his achievements.

He promised more if given the nod to serve in Parliament.

“I have indeed done a lot so my works will speak for me and I will do more when given the chance to go to Parliament,” he noted.

On the other hand, NDC candidate, lawyer Enu cited his pro bono legal work and pledged to establish a job center to tackle youth unemployment in the constituency if elected to Parliament.

Tensions flared when taxes became a topic of contention. Mr. Amfo Sefah challenged Mr. Enu’s claims of high taxes, accusing him of misinforming the public.

He claimed the NPP has burdened the economy with excessive taxes to cripple the economy.

But Nana Boakye said his claims are all lies just to taint the NPP government.

“You can’t be a leader if you cannot manage your heart. If you want to lead people, you need to be truthful to yourself. How can you say things about taxes you know nothing about? How can you lead with this misinformation? he queried.

But the NDC candidate asked NPP’s Nana Boakye to go back to the classroom and rewrite his notes as he knows nothing in the constituency.

“Your own party has rejected you, so you have lost, and they won’t vote for you. Go back to the classroom and learn about the constituency you want to lead. There are things you don’t even know and have no privy to. Your boss, Carlos, was not trusted; how can you be trusted to lead?” he questioned.

Amidst the verbal sparring, supporters from both camps added fuel to the fire with passionate displays of party allegiance, filling the air with chants and slogans.

The NDC supporters criticized the NPP’s track record, while NPP supporters dismissed the NDC as an unworthy alternative.

Adom 106.3 FM’s The Big Debate promises to be a platform for intense political discourse as the election season heats up.

With each candidate vying for supremacy and the hearts of the electorate, listeners can expect more heated exchanges and spirited defenses of party policies and achievements.

Stay tuned for more as Ghana’s leading political parties battle it out for Kokromoti Power.


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