Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre, Stephen Amoah, has said persons who compare the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are suffering from ‘unconscious incompetence.’

His assertion follows the notion that the NPP, compared to the NDC, has performed better in the management of every sector of the country since the Fourth Republic.

To top it all, the NPP, despite being a capitalist oriented political party, is the brain behind all pro-poor policies in the country, whereas the NDC, which is a socialist party, has not even introduced a single pro-poor policy.


“It is not propaganda and lies, you can’t compare the NDC to the NPP in any way. Anyone comparing the NDC to the NPP is suffering from ‘unconscious incompetence’,” he noted.

“I’m not saying the NPP is full of angels and has not faulted in governing the country, but it cares more about Ghanaians and has done more for Ghanaians,” he added.

Mr Amoah made the above statements during a discussion on the newly launched Adom FM’s The Big Debate on the Dwaso Nsem show on which party (NPP and NDC) had better records of development in the Ashanti region.