Stephanie Benson
Stephanie Benson

Some false reports of a purported liposuction procedure have reduced veteran songstress Stephanie Benson to tears.

The 55-year-old mother-of-five announced a while back that she was undergoing a gall bladder removal process that was causing her serious discomfort.

She took her fans along every step of the way via posts on her social media pages, including the times when she lost significant weight to the actual surgery process.

Stephanie revealed she almost died in the process and expected some words of encouragement, instead, she said she found herself reading preposterous news about her surgery.

Some portals made jest of the situation while others claimed she underwent liposuction.

The headlines, coupled with the sad reaction of her husband to the news caused her to break down in tears while addressing the issue.

She admitted being angry that her pain has been reduced to a mere sensationalised bait.

Ordinarily, she said she would have ignored, but the reports have revisited her pain.

Stephanie Benson debunked claims of going under the knife in that period, clarifying that she’s never had liposuction

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