Stephanie Benson and her husband, John Benson, have been married for 31 years
Stephanie Benson and her husband, John Benson, have been married for 31 years

There’s no true love without jealousy, so they say, but to veteran singer and sex coach Stephanie Benson, that statement is nothing but a mirage.

She’s of the view that jealousy has no place in a relationship, only well earned trust which is a compass to control a spouse’s action to their significant other.

Using her marriage as a standard, Steph said the secret behind her 33-year-old marriage is trusting her husband to give her a level of love and respect and every other thing he does in her presence or blind eye is no concern of hers.

She made reference to an incident that happened decades ago, when some models deliberately flaunted their nudity to her husband.

She revealed it was during her performance on one of the biggest stages in Birmingham NEC at London Fashion week in UK.

While she was relaxing and enjoying her husband massaging her feet, Steph said at least 40 “gorgeous sexy models” walked around naked in the presence of her husband and three other gay men.

She further indicated that she caught some models deliberately flaunting their naked bodies around her husband, Jon.

Rather than get triggered and cause a frenzy, the singer said she was not the least intimidated or threatened.

She watched on indifferently as they made their fruitless attempts.

“I can tell you with 100% confidence that, I wasn’t intimidated nor did I feel threatened, I wasn’t irritated nor anxious, even if he watched these beautiful sexy tall blondes, Redheads and Brunettes. I was enjoying every moment of watching these women enjoy the company of my husband, while noticing how special he made her feel”.

According to her, the fact that the nude models saw him focusing solely on her was enough to make her feel special.

“I knew these ladies watching him focus solely on his wife made him even more attractive to them, and that made me excited. And no matter how gorgeous they were, they noticed my confidence projecting to them, he was not going anywhere. My husband made me feel special. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the world for him and that was enough for me”.