Youtube star MrBeast has created a real-life version of Squid Game by inviting 456 random players to compete in a tournament offering a $456,000 (£342,000) cash prize for the winner.

Squid Game explores a dystopian reality, in which a mysterious organisation recruits people in debt to compete in series of games for the chance to win a life-changing amount of money.

The games are based on classic children’s games – some of which are specific to Korea, while others, such as “Red Light, Green Light”, are known worldwide.

The internet personality, who boasts 76.2 million subscribers, documented the entire process of constructing the real-life recreation of the Squid Game set.

“I recreated every single step from Squid Game in real-life,” MrBeast says towards the beginning of the video.

In his version of the game, none of the players are harmed when they are eliminated. In fact, eliminated players were awarded some amount of cash for their participation efforts.

Kicking the Game off with “Red light, Green light”, the YouTuber explained: “Every single player has a device strapped to them, that when they’re eliminated, it pops.”


MrBeast revealed that making the video cost over $3.5million (£2.6m), and the funding of it was provided to him by the mobile game company Brawl Stars.

The entire sum was divided into two parts – $2m (£1.4m) for set building and production, and $1.5m (£1.12m) for cash prizes.

The video saw contestants participate in games like marbles, tug of war, and the “glass bridge challenge”.

This high-budget recreation comes after Chrissy Teigen’s recent Squid Game-themed party, wherein celebrity guests participated in challenges like those portrayed on the show.

In pictures posted to Instagram, Teigen and her guests, who included fellow celebrities such as Shay Mitchell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, dressed up as characters from the show.

The party also saw Teigen and husband John Legend’s home transformed to mimic the set of the show, while servers dressed as Squid Game’s guards passed out refreshments, according to People.