Ghanaian singer Fameye has opened up about his musical journey, detailing his transition from singing to rapping and back.

Renowned for his soulful singing, he unveiled the reasons behind his break from the rap scene in his latest interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

“I stopped doing rap because I hardly remember the lyrics,” he admitted. “I only remember my lines when I sing.” He acknowledged his knack for melodies, which became his stronghold in unfamiliar rap territory. “I am not good at freestyles, but I can use melodies to find my way.”

Regarding his hiatus from rapping, Fameye candidly expressed that while rap intrigued him, it didn’t bring the desired outcomes.

“Rap didn’t bring me anything, but I would not say others shouldn’t rap,” he explained. “If you are good at it, and you are comfortable that’s fine.”

Fameye shared his plans to infuse his singing with rap elements in upcoming projects. “I can do a new song and add a little rap to it,” he revealed.

He also highlighted his past rap creation, “God’s Warning,” a track that showcased his hip-hop flair. “It’s a correct Hip Hop that I released two years ago,” he said. “Those kinds of songs are done for hardcore people.”

For aspiring artistes, Fameye had a straightforward suggestion: “I’d advise you to sing but if rap is your talent fine.” His personal journey underscores the importance of embracing individual strengths and authentic artistic paths.