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Dodo Fie D/A Basic school

The lives of pupils and teachers of Dodo Fie D/A Basic School in the Kadjebi Akan District of the Oti Region are in danger as classrooms have turned into a death trap.

Reports from Adom News states that the three-unit-classroom block that housed academic activities has never witnessed any renovation work since its construction. Pupils and teachers were always forced out of the building by snakes and other reptiles.

Dodo Fie D/A Basic school

Further reports mentioned that the school, which had a large enrollment, lacked classroom furniture, educational materials, and a school nutrition programme to improve teaching and learning.

Assistant Head teacher for the basic school, Thomas Nyame, appealed to the government, district assembly and other individuals to help provide the school with classrooms to aid effective teaching and learning.

He revealed that the parents deprived the children the needed education as they were engaged in farming activities.


Speaking to Adom News some pupils also pointed to the lack of classrooms and learning materials.

They are, thus, calling on the government for an urgent support to enable them have access to basic education.