Terry Bonchaka

In anticipation of the 20th death anniversary of Hiplife star, Terry Bonchaka, a special event has been unveiled to honour the late artiste.

Felix Agen-Davies, the newly appointed executive producer, has announced a heart-warming initiative in collaboration with Terry Bonchaka’s mother, Madam Charlotte Adjetey, to celebrate the artiste’s legacy.

The grand prize for the winner is the extraordinary opportunity to record some of Terry Bonchaka’s unreleased songs. The contest is intended to become an annual event to ensure the artiste’s legacy remains alive and vibrant.

Mr Agen-Davies, speaking on Hitz FM with host Doreen Avio, revealed plans to organize a Terry Bonchaka look-alike contest scheduled for December.

This unique competition aims to identify seven talented individuals who not only dress like the late musician but can also sing like him.

Agen-Davies emphasized that, his personal interest in the event is to ensure a better quality of life for Terry Bonchaka’s ageing mother, Madam Charlotte Adjetey, rather than focusing on financial gains.

In addition to the look-alike contest, the new executive producer said they will hold a special memorial service on Sunday to remember the late musician, who was a Jehovah’s Witness.