Reggie Zippy
Reggie Zippy

Following the demise of his mother, a faction of the Reggie & Bollie duo, Reggy Zippy, has made a disturbing post on social media which has sparked fear of suicide.

Reggy, who is not handling the loss very well, has asked his followers not to be surprised or sad when they hear him dead.

The reason being that he would then be enjoying the company of his mother who he believes is waiting for him in Heaven.

After writing two songs and many tributes for his mother, Auntie Ceccy, Reggie still feels he needs to do more to feel his mother’s presence.

Ghanaians have in turn sent him comforting words to ease his pain and many have advised him against taking any drastic action for the sake of his wife and two children.


Reggie, who is an only son, became shattered after hearing the death of his mother, Madam Cecilia Koomsom on Sunday, August 29.

In a post shortly after the demise, he first hinted of “joining his mother wherever she is”, making the latest utterance the second of such.