Reggie Zippy
Reggie Zippy

Ghanaian musician, Reggie Zippy has taken to social media to express his frustration over custody of his children after divorce.

In an emotional post he made on Facebook, he poured out his heart, shedding light on the relentless battle he has been facing just to have a relationship with his kids.

Zippy revealed that, all efforts to please his ex-wife and family just to see his children has proven futile.

He claimed his children have been barred from answering his calls and all efforts to have people mediate has proven futile.

The musician is worried his absence from his children’s life will have a negative affect on them.

“For how long should a father continue trying to re-establish his relationship with his children after the breakdown of marriage? Because at this very moment, I am very close to giving up on this unfair battle and focusing on the next chapter of my life,” his post read in part.

He said if he does not reconnect with his children by December 31, 2023, he will accept his fate and consider himself a ‘deadbeat dad’.

A livid Zippy disclosed that, since 2017, he has tried to settle amicably for the sake of their three children whom he loves dearly, but if his ex-wife is bent on making life difficult for him.

“I don’t care about anything else, all I care about is my kids. I grew up having a healthy relationship with my parents and I want same for my children” he added.