Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

“Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person,” says Rapper Iceberg Slim, as he seemed not to get over from his past relationship with actress Juliet Ibrahim.

When rumours of Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and Nigerian artiste Iceberg Slim’s break up made headlines in late 2018, the internet was in shock.

The two, while together, had made bold statements about staying together forever and finding themselves to be perfect for each other.


But Iceberg Slim, later when things got out of hand, always ceased the slightest opportunity to take to social media, to throw a jab at Juliet.

Read part of what he wrote on his Instastory:

“Social media smh… I know I’ve fallen into the trap of having to explain or defend myself or tell my side of a story., when it was no ones business but mine and the person I was involved with. You’ll think you are doing what is right for the greater good, but again it is no ones business. These things will never leave the Internet…and they will forever be held over your head.. It is not worth it.”