Criss Waddle

Rapper and entrepreneur, Criss Waddle, has taken a swipe at organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Charterhouse Ghana, after a fan queried him on his hiatus in the music sphere.

One of his fans, who couldn’t fathom why the Chief Executive Officer of AMG Music will opt out of doing music, questioned the Tema-based rapper on Twitter.

The user, who goes by the name, Claude Vado wrote: But like seriously, @CrissWaddle was good in the rap game o but I don’t know why he stop this with all the skills.   I’m enjoying some of his rap songs and their good… I’m serious…  Please come back please…[SIC].

But another fan, Kobby Ugyin, replied saying Criss Waddle has to focus on other businesses because the music industry isn’t such lucrative:


He get money so no need to rap… so I guess he is focusing on other business… coz u release song u will have to go thru stress to promote it and stuffs…When was the last time Rihanna released a track…?[SIC]

Criss Waddle finally waded into the matter and accused VGMA organisers of failing to nominate his ‘Bie Gya’ song for the ‘Video of the Year’ category in 2017.

He wrote:  U be smart guy, after all that stress and time-consuming bs, VGMA will come and show u how st*pid they are to nominate bie gya and not nominate the video yet that quality of video was made to compete with the Afrobeat world and not even for AMG [SIC].