Princess Shyngle

Controversial Ghanaian-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has sent a word of caution to her critics.

Paying particular attention to married men, pastors, among other naysayers, Princess Shyngle ordered persons of such categories to stay many feet away from her.

This comes at the back of a major backlash she received for one of her posts which saw her virtually naked; displaying her raw cleavage and backside.

The post garnered several negative reactions from ‘morality watchdogs’ who chastised her for offering her private part and dignity on a silver platter for sex-hungry men.

The harsh message forced Princess Shyngle to react. She advised such decent people to unfollow her since she is not pulling the brakes anytime soon.

The two-time divorcee insists she is now ready to show everything.

“Go and watch and just go. Just shut up, period. If you can’t admire please unfollow me. If you are a married man, don’t follow me. If you are a religious woman, do not follow Princess Shynge. If you are a pastor or Imam or you wanna be anybody’s role model, just don’t follow me. Just live your life, Have a good and clean heart and stop judging people,” she said.

Princess Shyngle made it clear that her motive in life is to find the utmost happiness and going semi-nude is one of the surest ways.

Watch video below: