American actress AJ Johnson

American actress AJ Johnson is urging the government to clearly communicate its focus for the ‘Beyond the Return’ initiative. 

Speaking to Joy News the actress said that the clear expression of the intention behind the initiative can help drive it better to the Africans in the diaspora.

AJ Johnson stated that new initiative should not be treated like the Year of Return which did not have an overall intention or focus.


“I don’t know what the necessarily the overall intention was. Maybe that was the problem, is the overall intention education, spiritual enlightenment, or was it just returning period? If that’s the case there we did great, airlines were booming, prices were doubled, and everybody came back.”

She believes, however, that without the focus all the diasporans can do is come to the country and have a fun time.

AJ Johnson stated that “I wanna see what the true success measure is. If anything we just have to get more clear and I believe 2020 is the year of vision and clarity, we gotta get clear on what the intention is, I just think that it was a great idea with probably not with a great intention.”