Rapper, Edem, has expressed his displeasure at the ban on celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages and has asked the relevant authorities to reverse the decision.
Rapper Edem

Rapper Edem has advised against bashing National Security Minister, Mr Kan Dapaah over the leakage of his video call with his ‘side chick’.

“Two adults can indulge in anything once it doesn’t bother anybody,” the rapper tweeted using his personal handle.

The Toto singer also described the said leaked video as “one-sided”.


Okay so… I honestly see nothing wrong with Kan Dapaah’s video. Two adults can indulge in anything once it doesn’t bother anybody. The convo to sounded one sided too. U should be careful if you are asked what u are wearing.

When a fan attempted to condemn Edem’s position by saying Mr Dapaah was a married man with kids and a top security official who shouldn’t compromise his office, Edem maintained his stand.

According to him, the only person entitled to lambast and ill-talk Mr Dapaah is his wife and not outsiders.

The 66-year-old Kan Dapaah was caught in a video “modeling” in his dark-blue dotted pyjamas at the request of a young woman in the said leaked video.

A conduct many security analysts argue makes him too vulnerable to handle the security affairs of Ghana but Edem disagrees.

Since the video surfaced, musicians such as Shatta Wale have thrown their weights behind the politician, saying he could even visit the night club if he wanted because he has rights too.