Kumawood actor, Kwesi Boateng, known in the industry as Akurugu Baba Yoba, has opened up on the ordeal he faced due to being born different.

Akurugu, who is facially challenged, said people forgot he was created in the image of God and subjected him to serious ridicule throughout his childhood period.

He told Kweku Manu during his ‘Aggressive Interview’ that he is the sole person who was born different in his family, and they believe he inherited the look from his paternal side.

However, he said he was never introduced to his father and all efforts to have his family open up on his birth have proven futile till date.

Narrating some of the treatments meted out to him, Akurugu detailed that he was sidelined in school and he had no seat mate during his primary period.

“You know in school everyone had friends; they ate together and did everything together. I had no one like that. It was just me and me alone,. People compared me to animals so they never came close,” he painfully said.

The situation was no different at home.

He said he was sidelined in all community activities as people referred to him as a weak frog. He was nicknamed Mr Frog, a name he said was in mention until he left his hometown at Asante Asaaman.

Akurugu added that anytime his mother stepped on the toes of residents, they cursed her for birthing a river deity into a community where such has never been recorded.

His love life was nothing close to rosy. He narrated how he had low self-esteem to even propose to his ‘crushes’, adding that he had no lover while he was at Asaaman, despite being of age.

The trauma due to insults and curses, he said, is what drove him to Accra, where he had the opportunity to join the Kumawood industry.

When asked if he faces similar ordeal in Accra, Akurugu responded that he has now been accepted due to the fame and little money he has made.

Currently, Akurugu can boast of series of encounters with women. He listed his ‘spec’ as light skinned and curvaceous. In short, a woman who can make up for his looks and complement him.

He even teased that he is the most handsome man in his own world and his eyes are not bulging as it is described, they are romantic.

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