Some irate residents of Columbia in Takoradi of the Western Region have taken to the streets and invoked curses over the manner in which the case of a missing-but-found pregnant woman is being handled.

According to them, the woman, Mrs Josephine Simon, was indeed pregnant prior to her disappearance, hence will resist every attempt by the Police and Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere-Darko, to discredit that.

Mrs Simons reportedly went missing during a routine morning walk from the Amanoo road to the Paa Grant Roundabout on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

A search party was convened after her mother received a call from an unknown person who said they could not use her for what they intended.

After she was found on Tuesday, September 20, 2021, her husband said she told the family she gave birth the same day she was kidnapped.

But the Regional Minister, in an interview on Wednesday, disclosed preliminary medical examinations and investigations suggest she was never pregnant.

The police have since confirmed the Minister’s statement, adding three people have been arrested for questioning over alleged conspiracy.

The police have also declared Mrs Simons a suspect and is expected to assist with investigations.


However, the residents say they do not agree with the police report because they believe the victim was pregnant and can attest to it.

The family maintained Mr Okyere-Darko decided to go public and lie against their relative instead of visiting the house to verify issues first.

They called on a deity not to spare anyone involved if it turns out that the reports are a mere fabrication.

They broke eggs and poured libation, adding that they will take further actions if medical records turn out to prove that Mrs Simons was indeed pregnant.

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