Founder of Refined Vessels Chapel International, Apostle Gusteve Yeboah, has confessed his involvement in multiple robberies as he shares his story after becoming redeemed.

Apostle Gusteve, in an interview with Kwaku Manu TV, revealed he was a member of a notorious robbery syndicate terrorizing people of Kumasi, particularly in Ashtown and Kejetia environs.

According to him, he found his way into the den of the criminals when he was still a teenager, and like every job requires, he underwent intense training from the mafias.

Not only did they instill fear in residents, the apostle said they abused hard drugs, which he believes fueled his mental health struggles and made him a defiant.

He attributed his decision to join the bad boys to pressure from home, and the bid to ease his mother’s burden as a single mother.

Apostle Gusteve revealed his first victim was his father whom he stole heavily from, and at a point in time, he traded blows with his father and inflcited machete wounds on him.

The reason, he said, is to revenge the ill treatment he subjected his mother to since his childhood.

After he fled home, the apostle confessed to becoming a pro in bag snatching and he was involved in multiple robberies, all within the one-year period he worked as a thief.

It took the arrest and jailing of most of his gang members to alert him of his waywardness, and at his trying period, he said, he knew it was time to repent.

He took religion serious to the point of being ordained as a Charismatic Prophetic preacher.

Apostle Gusteve Yeboah urged the youth to depart from their sinful ways and seek the kingdom of God, which he said holds the power to save.