The Nigerian police have arrested a suspected serial phone thief identified as Saheed Abioye aka Anini on his way from a church after a failed mission.

The suspect had visited the church with the intention to steal, but fell asleep and awoke when vigil service had ended and members had departed.

“I got to the church around 10.45pm and sat at the back, waiting for the opportunity to steal mobile phones of people who might want to charge at the back of the church. Unfortunately, I was unable to steal anything that fateful day because I slept off as soon as the vigil started and I did not wake up until around 3am.
“By the time I woke up, the vigil had ended and people were already going home, so I left the church premises. I was unable to steal anything”.

He was, however, approached by a patrol vehicle due to his suspicious activities and was sent to the police station for questioning.

He confessed after his records showed that he was an ex-convict wanted for series of robberies.

“I don’t steal cars, motorcycles or any other thing except phones,” he confessed to the police.

A total of 18 stolen phones were retrieved.

The police command says he will be arraigned as soon as possible.