The much-anticipated Uniland festival ended on a rather sad note for artiste Pappy Kojo who sustained an injury after a fiasco with event organizers.

Pappy Kojo, who was billed to perform on the second day of the festival, arrived on stage, not to perform, but to call out organizers for what he said is breach of contract.

Prior to that, he had sent out a tweet alerting his fans of his intention to disrupt the show because he was not duly paid the agreed performance fee.

After his threats of violence were disregarded, Pappy Kojo went the extreme of confronting the DJ’s after which he seized an on-stage mixer.

This ignited fury in the organizers and staff present, causing one of the bouncers to shove him off the stage.

Videos shared of the altercation captured the moment he landed on the floor before the patrons, and reports indicate that he tore a ligament in the process.

Pappy Kojo was captured limping as some ‘Good Samaritans’ guided him out of the premises.