Pappy Kojo
Pappy Kojo / Photo source: Instagram

Ghanaian HipHop artiste, Pappy Kojo has revealed the reason why he joined the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest.

According to him, he joined the demonstration aimed at putting pressure on government to improve the economic conditions of Ghanaians to support his friends.

In an interview on TV3, Pappy Kojo said joining the protest was enough support for the country.

“I am an Italian, I from Italy so I only went for the demonstration for my Ghanaian friends. During the lockdown when I was in Italy, no one protested for me so I think I have done enough for Ghanaians” he said.

Pappy Kojo also explained the use of the phrase ‘Mbesiafo p3 Nkwasiafo’ in his latest single, ‘Mbesiafo’ off his EP, Ka Na Wu.

“All men are fools, you see a very good looking educated women, you ask who her partner is then you are disappointed. I believe men don’t deserve women, women are so special and amazing but men are trash” he said.

He is currently promoting his ‘Ka Na Wu’ EP.