Adom FM's Papa Bills | Photo credit: @gregdomphotography_official /Instagram
Adom FM's Papa Bills | Photo credit: @gregdomphotography_official /Instagram

Papa Bills, a renowned radio personality from Adom FM, has earned a coveted nomination in the upcoming Ghana Entertainment Awards USA, a highly anticipated event on the horizon.

This recognition, however, comes with fierce competition, as notable figures like Mr Haglah from Hitz FM, Godwin Dogbey, Mercy Bee, Philip Nai from Joy FM, Sandra Akakpo from Adom TV, Yawa Asamoah, and Isaac Owusu are vying for the same honour.

Despite his unassuming demeanour, Papa Bills is far from being an unknown figure. With his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry, he has established himself as a prominent figure.

Hosting various shows that have become breeding grounds for Ghanaian stars, including the likes of Sarkodie, his impact is undeniable.

Behind the scenes, he has collaborated with countless individuals, their numbers too vast to be quantified.

Born as Bills Gborgli, Papa Bills takes charge of Adom FM’s popular programmes such as the widely enjoyed Drive Time Ofie Kwanso alongside Jerry Justice and Kasahari Level with Don Itchi.

Additionally, he takes control of Adom FM’s Efiada Mbosuo, Memeneda Sokoo, Tuo Time, and Hitz FM’s Highlife Bliss.

For more than 17 years, Papa Bills has been an integral part of the Multimedia Group Limited, diligently working behind the scenes and skillfully avoiding media controversies.

This longevity and dedication have solidified his standing in the industry and earned him the admiration of his peers and audience alike.