Mzbel has freely admitted that her ‘youthful’ days of dressing anyhow to attract attention has ‘tainted’ her brand and really affected her career.

Therefore as she grows older, she has decided to change her dressing and other aspects of herself to represent her more matured persona.

Mzbel recently appeared on ‘After Hours’ on TV3 hosted by Mikki Osei Berko and said she has now turned her image around completely. She said the biggest factor in her change is her age.

“I am not the Mzbel that I used to be anymore, I am old now and it must reflect in my dressing, in my utterances, appearance and in everything that I do.” she said.

“Before I was very young and when you are young you want to experiment everything, you don’t listen even when others talk, but now I am a woman so I don’t need to be told what to do,” she added.