Despite being the youngest in the competition, entering with just the age of 7, Fransisca Adom did not disappoint in her quest to serve her fans with undiluted entertainment.

The fans’ favourite used lyrics of Mehia Odo by legendary Kwesi Pee and that was her magic trick to win over the audiences.

Francisca was unfazed by the fact that she was the first contestant to be ushered onto the stage to entertain the patrons at the West Hills Mall.

Her mannerisms which portrayed the theme of the song drew cheers from the patrons who were baffled by the lass.

Fransisca did justice to the white mini gown she rocked which gave a slender touch to her looks.

Judge Akosua Agyapong called for multiple rounds of applause for the great exhibition of the training she has received in the twelve weeks of the competition.

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