Hundreds of patrons have thronged the West Hills Mall as the finale of the most entertaining kids reality singing show, Nsoromma, comes to an intriguing end.

Every good thing has a good end, and Adom TV’s flagship programme sees its end and seven finalists will battle it out for the grand prize.

As early as 3 pm, Sunday, families, friends and supporter groups of the contestants have made their presence felt already.

12 weeks of participation and the crowd has never been short on hype to their favorites, and the grand finale is no exception.

The representations defy age and gender as patrons include both the young and old and are giving loud screams of joy as they enjoy the pre-scenes of the finale.

It is a moment worthy of stares and admiration, eliciting nostalgic feelings from the previous three seasons.

The night is expected to be fun-packed and the well-groomed contestants have pledged not to fall short of the very high expectations placed on their shoulders by the crowd that has gathered here.

The stakes are high as Francisca Adom, Samuel Sam, Nhyira Akoto, Anita Anim, Keziah Adu, Lady Theodora Pascal, and Daniel Antwi prepare to give off their best shots to see who grabs the ultimate prize of GHC 20,000.

The show goes live on all Adom TV at exactly 6 pm and all social media platforms under the hashtag #Nsoromma.