St Louis SHS thrilled fans of the NSMQ in the 2023 competition, taking on the favourites and eliminating them in a shocking turn of events. 

But their fairytale is at its end. Achimota School pulled a stunner in the semifinal clash to end the campaigns of both St Louis SHS and Wesley Girls SHS.

In the opening round, Achimota School surged ahead, amassing an impressive 22 points, while St. Louis and Wesley Girls followed closely with 15 and eight points, respectively. However, this was just the beginning, and even more challenging questions lay ahead.

Round two’s speed race and round three’s “problem of the day” presented no easy path to victory. Achimota School nearly suffered an upset after losing two points in round two and gaining only two in round three.

Nonetheless, as the competition progressed to round four, Achimota School made a comeback, leading the round with 38 points. They managed to maintain their lead by gaining an additional three points in round five, ultimately emerging as the victor in this challenging competition.

Nonetheless, as the competition progressed, Achimota School made a comeback. They managed to maintain their lead ultimately emerging as the victor in this challenging competition.

For St Louis, they have all to be proud for. They cut down some of the favourites on their quest to the semifinal, including Adisadel College who became used to appearing in the grande finale.

Wesley Girls will also be proud. They had to begin their campaign from the prelims for the first time since 2014 after Mawuli School from Ho outwitted them in the 2022 campaign at the one-eighth knockout round. 

Now, they’re back and are seeded for the 2024 tournament. 

They recovered from a poor start in the day’s contest and match up to  Achimota School but their best was not enough to stop the Accra-based school who dominated the first round from placing themselves in a good position to control the pace of the contest. 

In the end, it was Achimota’s day. A win and a spot in the grande finale which will take place at the National Theatre in Accra.

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