Mzbel (L) and Tracy Boakye

Ghana Ghanaian singer, Mzbel, known in private life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, has responded to claims by Tracey Boakye that she (Mzbel) has grey hair in her nether regions.

Mzbel and Tracey Boakye, both well-known supporters of the National Democratic Congress, got engaged in a fierce banter on social media a few days ago.

 In many videos they released, the two rained insults and made very damning revelations about each other.

From their videos, it was clear that actress Boakye and Mzbel were fighting over a rich married man (sugar daddy) they were both dating.

In one of her videos, actress Boakye claimed the man at the centre of their controversy had left Mzbel because she was too old.

According to her, the man had told her that Mzbel had grey hair in her pubic areas and was thus unattractive for him.

But in an interview on Peace FM on Saturday, August 15, 2020, Mzbel denied the claim and laughed it off.

According to the ‘16 Years hitmaker,’ she has no grey hair on her body not to talk of her pubic area as being peddled around.

To prove her point, Mzbel removed her wig to show her braided natural hair in a video from the interview.

That did not convince some people in the studio who still doubted it leading Mzbel to get up unbutton her jeans shorts in a bid to show them how the hair looked.

Mzbel’s move surprised many people around and it got them shouting for her to stop midway through the attempt strip down.

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