“If not for God Almighty, I would have been a story,” is Mr Ibu’s gratitude message as he recounts his near-death experience after he was poisoned severally by staff.

It would be recalled news broke out that Mr Ibu had been attacked by stroke and an ailment that enlarged his stomach, but he came out to debunk the rumours.

Scooper - Nigeria Entertainment News: “This looks so unhealthy” – Mr Ibu  scares fans with his huge potbelly

After fully recovering, Mr Ibu shocked fans and the entire Nollywood industry when he confirmed he was indeed dying, but from an assassination attempt.

“I do not take alcohol, but my tummy starting protruding. I took so many medicines before it started coming down. It was then I was informed I had consumed a slow poison,” he said.

Mr Ibu pointed the perpetrators as his enemies who employed the services of his staff to lace his food with the dangerous substances.

An ‘ignorant’ Mr Ibu said it started when he started vomiting and losing balance after one of his staff served him lunch.

Another instance, he felt a worse reaction which forced him to scream for help, but neither of his staff came to his rescue despite seeing him fall many times in the office.

It was a quick call to his dancers who drove to his office to rush him to the hospital after he had already blacked out on the pavement.

The actor said he was left with no option than to sack all his workers and employ his sister to take over his business while he was recuperating.

However, Mr Ibu said he has forgiven all his enemies and the only one they have to face is his God who stepped in.