‘Live The Music’ initiative unites influencers as it readies grand launch
‘Live The Music’ initiative unites influencers as it readies grand launch

Social media influencers in Ghana gathered at the premises of Lynx Entertainment on Friday, June 7, 2024, for a fruitful networking event powered by Live The Music Foundation.

The initiative, birthed from the desire to have players in the creative arts industry unite and collaborate on projects, crystallized following a clarion call made by the CEO of Lynx Group of Companies, Richie Mensah.

Friday’s event witnessed progressive conversations among top social media influencers including Dancegodlloyd, Incredible Zigi, Endurance, Dulcie Boateng, KalyJay, Mitch Brothers, Ama Burland, Lisa Quama, ChampionRolie, Militant Dance Academy, and a host of prominent figures.

Richie Mensah, the veteran creative arts entrepreneur, addressed the gathering and officially introduced ‘Live The Music’, expected to be launched in July this year.

He explained that the initiative is not just a campaign but a movement that seeks to nurture new talents, celebrate our legends, and connect every Ghanaian through shared artistic experiences.

Live The Music Foundation will roll out impactful projects such as the establishment of a music museum, a legacy album, ‘Live The Music Documentary’, ‘Lynx Cubs’, a high school album, ‘Underground EP’, ‘Behind The Hits’, ‘Women In Music’, and others.

This initiative is powered by organizations including Lynx Entertainment, Boomplay Music, High Skuul Clique, TiemeMusic, 3 Music, The Media General, Bills, Tigon Creative Studios and a number of benevolent individuals.

Richie Mensah announced during the event that the foundation is still open to welcoming new collaborators and sponsors in its efforts to elevate the arts industry.