Latifah Bumaye
Latifah Bumaye

Latifah Bumaye, the lady captured in a viral video whipping a 90-year-old, says she was possessed and did not know she was torturing her grandmother.

The 25-year-old told the Salaga Divisional Police Headquarters who arrested her at Kejewu Bator, a fishing community, that she was unaware of what she was doing.

She said some men held her by force and smeared a powdery substance on her face prior to the incident.

According to her, when she saw the video of her whipping the deceased, she asked those around where she got the different apparel from when she was previously in cloth.

Ms Bumaye was captured in the video whipping the old lady she said was her grandmother, in a broad day amidst chanting and cheering from onlookers after Akua Denteh was disgraced for being a witch by a supposed witchdoctor, Filin.


Filin was also captured on camera hitting the deceased repeatedly with something shrouded in a cloth.

The Salaga Divisional Police Commander C/Supt. Amos Yelisong had told Zamireports that the suspect had been on the run since July 23.

She was subsequently arrested at her hideout at about 09:30 pm on Thursday after someone tipped the police off.

“On 30/07/2020 information was received, by C/Supt. Amos Yelisong, the Divisional Commander, Salaga indicating the hidden place of one of the suspected Principal murderers in the deceased Akua Denteh case,” Zamireport said.

“The information was processed into intelligence and two Man Police team from the Salaga Division despatched by the Divisional Commander and the District Officer to Kejewu Bator, a fishing community under Abrumase Police Station within the Salaga Division”, the report further stated.

Ms Bumaye did not deny that she was the one in the video but said she was not aware of what happened.

This is the seventh person arrested in connection with the crime including the chief of the town.