Priestess (Soothsayer), in the Kafaba murder
Priestess (Soothsayer), in the Kafaba murder

Hajia Sirina Mohammed, 40, charged with murder at the Bole Magistrate Court for masterminding the lynching of 90-year-old Akua Denteh, has said she was doing ‘God’s work’ in exorcising ‘witchcraft’ from Akua Denteh.

The traditional priestess, having been arraigned on Wednesday morning, without remorse asserted that the death of the 90-year-old was only an accident.

Asked if she wanted to carry on with her work as a traditional priestess, she responded in the affirmative and even offered to help the judge get healed should he suffer a health misfortune such as blindness to the laughter of those present in court.

“She was very cool,” says one reporter who covered the short court proceedings. The court after brief exchanges remanded the traditional priestess to re-appear on August 20.

On July 23, the 90-year-old was seen being slapped, kicked and caned after the traditional priestess accused her of being a witch.

The severe beating the woman was subjected to by her accuser and two other women resulted in her death.

After the video went viral, there was massive outrage with many demanding the immediate arrest and prosecution of all the perpetrators.


From the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, to various civil society groups, the security services have been urged to fish out the culprits who went into hiding after the act.

On Monday, the first key suspect in the lynching was arrested and remanded by the Bole Magistrate Court. 

Latifa Bumaye, 25, was smoked out of her hideout at Kejewu Botor, a suburb of the East Gonja Municipality, following continuous surveillance by the Homicide Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

The traditional priestess was arrested on Tuesday and put before court on Wednesday.