Family of Okomfour Kwadee has asked managers of the rehab centre where the rapper is receiving treatment for weed addiction, to restrict visits to him.

The family says only relatives are allowed to visit the rapper, born Jerry Anaba, and is arguably one of Ghana’s best.

According to a letter signed by family Attorney, Felix Amoah, the family expressed worry that too many industry players have been given access to the rapper.

They explained that too much access to Okomfour Kwadee will set him back in his ways instead of getting him the medical attention he needs at the centre.

“We are told that while at the centre music producers, managers and media are permitted access to our client without his knowledge and consent.

“As you are aware, our client under his present condition, cannot give consent to most of the things affecting his wellbeing, in such circumstances, his family is the right source to contact,” the letter to the institution stated.


The letter further added that the family will resort to legal action if the institution fails to follow through with the order.

Earlier in June the rapper’s mother, in an interview with Peace Fm called on people to help her take care of her son.

However, the family’s letter states “the family is now ready and willing to take care of the bills affecting our client’s treatment. We will inform you to present monthly bills to his mother.”

It named one Sandy Atuguba and Kennedy Opoku Ware as the only family members who can visit the rapper.

This comes after former colleague Lord Kenya had paid Kwadee a visit at the centre. The video of the two went viral – something the family said they were unhappy about.