Chief Sofo Azorka

First Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sofo Awudu Azorka, has expressed his disappointment in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over alleged vote-buying during the ongoing Kumawu bye-election.

He expressed his dissatisfaction after encountering voters who claimed they were promised 100 cedis before voting but received only 10 cedis afterwards.

Mr Azorka described this situation as deeply concerning, as it has become a recurring trend during elections.

Kumawu by-election
Kumawu by-election

Addressing the media following the confrontation with NPP voters who complained to him when he and his team arrived in the town, Mr Azorka criticised the act of offering money to voters in exchange for their support, stating, “the NPP refused to work but are quick to distribute money to the voters to vote for them. Engaging in such acts is highly inappropriate. We are here to ensure that this practice is put to an end as it reflects poorly on our country. Regardless of whether they give money or not, we will win this election.”


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