Richmond Xavier Amoakoh plays Lawyer Nti in Kejetia Vs Makola series

In a shocking revelation, Lawyer Nti, whose claim to fame was his character in the TV series ‘Kejetia vs Makola,’ has opened up about his struggles with depression and his desperate attempts to seek help from a ritualist.

The actor, real name Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, disclosed that he made the crucial decision during a period where he was very depressed.

Beyond his jovial façade, Lawyer Nti said he harbored a deep sense of stagnation and frustration in his life due to ambitious targets he set for himself which he was consistently failing to achieve them.

“It all boils down to depression. I was always thinking. At that time I thought where I had gotten to, I needed to progress. I had certain material things I expected to have but they did not come to pass despite my fame,” he said.

Consequently, Lawyer Nti said he was forced to move from one spiritualist to another and he eventually ended up in the den of a ritualist.

“In life, when you need something and realise it is beyond human reach, you go a step further. I resorted to visiting a ritualist, seeking some form of intervention to change my fortunes. I realised I wasn’t looking for money, I just needed to connect to my inner self and God, but before I made the realisation, I ‘walked’ a little,” he confessed.

When asked in an interview on Okay FM if he visited Mallams and ritualists, Lawyer Nti answered in the positive, stating that “yes, something like that. It was just one or two.”

He becomes one of the many celebrities who have had their fair share of depression, regardless of their social status and achievements.