Actress Vivian Jill has addressed the widespread speculation surrounding her recent viral wedding photos and videos, clarifying that they are images from a movie scene.

The photos and videos, which sparked rumors of her secret wedding over the weekend, were part of a scene for her upcoming series Yaa Basabasa.

In the series, Vivian Jill plays the role of a wealthy man’s lover.

To authentically represent this role, the engagement scene was designed to mimic the lavish setting of an actual wedding.

Vivian Jill acknowledged that the realistic portrayal might have misled many into believing she was genuinely married.

She expressed regret for any confusion or distress caused by the misinformation.

Also, the actress explained that the timing of the shoot, which took place on a Friday, coincided with the availability of all cast members, leading to the release of the photos and videos that caused the misunderstanding.

Vivian Jill emphasized that the photos and videos circulating online are merely part of her professional work and not indicative of her personal life.

She assured the public that she remains unmarried.