Vivian Jill

Popular actress Vivian Jill has opened up on a time she was embarrassed at the bank over a misperception of dating her colleague, Kyeiwaa’s husband.

She narrated that while waiting in a queue at the bank, she was approached by an irate woman who rained insults on her in the presence of multiple people.

Her crime, per the woman’s accusation, was flirting with Kyeiwaa’s on-screen husband in a movie scene.

Vivian said that statement made tempers calm in the bank, and everyone broke out in laughter.

The actress said she took the pain to explain to the woman that she has a life separate from the scenes, and that accusation is merely false.

Despite her defense, she continued that the woman cursed her and tagged her a husband snatcher.

“She was just furious. I tried explaining to her but she asked me why a pretty lady like me will accept such a role,” Vivian said in an interview on Adom TV’s Okukuseku.

This would not be the first time the on-screen goddess has been accused of husband snatching. In all, she maintains her innocence.

Vivian Jill made the revelation while speaking on how some roles have affected her private life, and if acting is worth it.