Keche Joshua

Rapper, Keche Joshua is on a manhunt for rapper Pappy Kojo for trolling his group on social media.

In an interview on ‘U Say Weytin’ with Merqury Quaye, the rapper cited series of examples of unnecessary trolls by Pappy Kojo to rubbish their music.

He threatened to punch him whenever they meet.

The rapper noted that, the group had ignored Pappy Kojo because they assumed he was joking but now the trolling on social media is constant.

First, he said the ‘Awoa’ hitmaker called out the group for charging GH¢2,000 for performance in a post that was meant to hail Burna Boy for receiving huge sums for performances.

Keche Joshua also cited the viral interview Pappy Kojo had on Joy Prime during the ‘Occupy Julorbi House’ protest in which he trashed their new album to buttress his point.

Pappy Kojo, he said also posted a recent video where he spoke poorly of Keche’s new single ‘Party of the Year’, claiming it was “too local” because of the lyrics.

The rapper also revealed that, he had received numerous calls from people asking about their ‘beef’ with the “Fante Rap Van Damme”.

The rapper furiously added that, he would assault Pappy whenever they meet.

Keche Joshua said he has tried reaching out to Pappy Kojo to make peace since he is unaware of any feud but to no avail.

Given this backdrop, he said it is obvious Pappy wants to ruin their career thus will give him a taste of his own medicine.