When Ebony died, her father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng became the first point of call for the media not only because he was her dad but because he had been unflinching in his support for her.

However, at a point, his many interviews and his public feud with Ebony’s former manager, Bullet, began to irritate many Ghanaians who felt he was milking his daughter’s death to become popular.

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That was how the nickname Starboy Kwarteng was birthed with some people insinuating he wanted to become a star so badly.

Showbiz recently caught up with Nana Opoku Kwarteng and in answer to whether he was okay with the nickname, he said he had officially accepted the name.

“Oh I am ok with the name; I think it is something I like. The word star alone is something anyone would want to associate him or herself with so it is fine by me.

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“Again, you cannot fight the media or anyone; if they want to call you by a name, they will no matter what you do. In this life, the more you tell people you do not want something, the more they do it so it is fine with me, I accept it,” he said.

In that interview, Nana Opoku Kwarteng revealed that he hates the February 8 date because of his daughter who he affectionately called Ohemaa.

“I do not like that day and date at all, to me, I wish it didn’t even exist. That is the day that tragic thing happened, my daughter, Ohemaa lost her life and it’s just sad.

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“Honestly, though ideally, we are supposed to celebrate her one year on that fateful day I do not see anything about it that is worth celebrating and it is not written anywhere that we have to do it on that same day,” he said.

Typically, death anniversaries are commemorated so in keeping with that tradition, Nana Opoku Kwarteng said he will do something in his daughter’s memory.

“The real thing will happen on March, 31. That is when we will roll out something for the public consumption,” he said.