JJ Rawlings and Zanetor
Late JJ Rawlings and daughter

The Member of Parliament for the Korle Klottey constituency, Zenator Agyeman-Rawlings, has disclosed the significance of maintaining humility and a strong work ethic, drawing from her family’s upbringing.

She revealed that, even though her father, late Jerry John Rawlings was President, she and her siblings were instilled with values that emphasized respect for others.

Regardless of their father’s high-ranking position, they were expected to adhere to the same rules and norms as everyone else.

“We were taught never to disrespect anyone, irrespective of our father’s position. This core value served as a guiding principle throughout our upbringing” she said in an interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen show, Monday.

Reflecting on her time as a student at Wesley Girls High School, Zenator recalled that she diligently applied herself to her studies and took on tasks such as cleaning gutters, just like her fellow students.

Her upbringing had firmly rooted the notion that entitlement based on family status was unacceptable.

She further exemplified her commitment to remaining down-to-earth by sharing details about her dining habits.

“My upbringing never allowed me to develop a sense of entitlement based on our family’s status. I ate in the common dining hall just like everyone else” she added.

Zenator said the idea that a parent’s position should not dictate a child’s life path.

While acknowledging the inevitability of being influenced by one’s family background, she strongly discouraged adopting an entitled attitude simply because of one’s parents’ status.