Kuami Eugene, KiDi, King Promise, others kicked us out of business in 2018 – Keche

Andrew of Keche fame has disclosed that he and his music partner Joshua Ampah have beefed over a girl before.

According to him, they had been dating the same girl they met on social media without knowing until they both met her in person.

Andrew told Jay Foley and Emefa Adeti on JoyPrime’s Prime Morning that he took the lady whom he had known on social media for a while but had never met out and that was when everything unfolded.

He said: “We were at the club spending some time together and when it was time to depart, she said she was going my way so I should just drop her.

“We went together and when we got to her end, she told me that she’s been knocking on her door but nobody is answering.

“It was around 3:am so I was like okay, I know her on social media so let’s go to my end. She agreed and followed.”


He added that the next morning, he got a call from Joshua who asked of his whereabout but while answering, he [Joshua] heard the voice of the lady.

When Joshua asked who it was, Andrew told him that it was a lady he met at the club but while the conversation continued, Joshua realised it was a familiar voice.

“He asked me if he could come over and I was like ‘okay, no problem’. So he did and it was then that we realised it was the same girl,” he said.

He, however, said the case was salvaged when they both realised that they didn’t know it was the same girl.

“One thing that made Joshua believe me was that even after our quarrel and all that, we both realised that if I knew it was something connected to him, I wouldn’t even have allowed him to come to the house,” he said.

The duo have been together since 2004 and have been voices behind great tunes such as Sokode, Pressure and the likes and are still working on more with their latest being, No dulling a collaboration with hiplife artiste Kuami Eugene.